Friday, March 31, 2006

Why smart people love dumb networks

I believe the following excerpt has not only addressed why Skype and other similar Internet based applications could be the representatives of future Internet applications, but has also thoroughly explained why they would actually change everyone's life in the future, because the "stupid network" was, is and would be not owned by any particular one but by all of us. The word "stupid" here just means simple, flexible, customizable, sharable and scalable. So we choose the Internet, we use it, we develop it, we benefit it and we enjoy it!

"Former AT&T (Research) executive Tom Evslin has an explanation for the telecom industry's current merger frenzy. Nine years ago, AT&T Labs researcher David Isenberg wrote a paper, 'The Rise of the Stupid Network,' about the affect the Internet would have on telecommunications. According to Isenberg, the Internet, as a 'stupid network,' was better than the telco's 'intelligent networks,' because anyone could create applications for the Internet, while only phone company engineers could improve their networks. Evslin tried to get his colleagues to read the paper and embrace the Internet, but according to Evslin, they ignored him and made Isenberg remove his paper from AT&T's website. Nine years later, AT&T has been swallowed up in a wave of consolidation, and the Internet -- Isenberg's 'stupid network' -- is taking over the transmission of voice, video, and data".


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