Thursday, April 27, 2006

Great rainbow over Sydney

It was fine drizzle yesterday afternoon in Sydney. Luckily I saw a wonderful, huge rainbow over the east of Sydney at 5 pm yesterday when I walked home along Olympic Drive after returning a few books at the Lidcombe library. Actually there were two rainbows appearing at the same time though the outer ring was not very clear and partly faded into the clouds. Anyway, it was the largest rainbow I have ever seen. It was a big pity that I could not record that fantastic view because my digital camera was not with me at that moment! :(( The Canon IXUS 50 of mine was left in China although it has been fixed after its accident at the Jinan airport while I was leaving for Australia. :-(

However, I have found a Hawaiian rainbow picture from Google Images which looks exactly similar to the view I actually saw yesterday, including the size, the shape, the rainbow and sky colours, and even the clouds, so you may see how Sydney's rainbow looked yesterday. The Hawaiian rainbow in the picture is certainly fantastic, too. I have been Hawaii but I have never seen such an amazing rainbow there. What a shame!

The Hawaiian rainbow picture was originally from

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