Friday, April 07, 2006

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Experts-Exchange, founded in 1996, is a collaboration platform for information technology professionals, designed to address specific areas of situation-based knowledge.

The experts propose comments, and the asker is expected to select one or more comments that best solve the problem as the answer and to grade the answer for awarding the most helpful experts.

Members at Experts-Exchange sign up for a free membership and receive a limited quantity of question points that they can spend to get answers to their IT questions from other members (with 2000-4000 who are regular participants).

As of March 2006, there were over 70K experts, who actually answered or participated questions, among about 3.5 million registered members of Experts-Exchange.

Some of the members treat it as a guessing game, but there are also some top professional experts helping out.

An expert ranking system is also provided to certify the experts according to their expertise, contributions and activities.

The fans of Experts-Exchange usually call it "EE", as the nickname.

Experts-Exchange, 成立于1996年, 是一个服务于信息技术专业人员,求解特定领域之具体问题的协作平台。这是一个免费的用于咨询计算机相关问题的“求问专家”型网站,专家针对有关的问题提出建议,提问者则应选择其中最能解决问题的一个或多个建议作为答案,并对该答案评级以奖励那些最具帮助的专家。Experts-Exchange 允许成员免费注册,并分配有限的提问积分。成员付出积分提出问题,以从超过200,000的专家中获得所期望的答案。其功能通过一个交换(barter)系统来实现,以鼓励专家提供满意的答案,并累计其奖励积分。同时,该网站还提供一个专家评价系统,根据专家的能力、贡献和活动情况,对其予以认证。Experts-Exchange 的成员们通常用“EE”作为其简称。


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