Friday, April 21, 2006

Several details about Hu's visit to Microsoft

1. Bill Gates welcomed Hu Jintao at Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC). It was a well-known place for me too, because I went there first every time I visited Microsoft headquarters. ;-)

2. Hu said he used Microsoft Windows every day. It should be Windows XP Professional Simplified Chinese Edition with Service Pack 2 patched. :-))

3. Gates said he was willing to provide his help to Hu any time on using Windows, probably because of the unintelligent Windows Help or Office Assistant? :-))

4. The tablet computer Hu used at Microsoft should be Lenovo ThinkPad X41, which was not only the most high-end tablet notebook in the market but also China branded.

5. Gates got old; he has been a bit balding. In comparison, Hu's hair looked still hirsute and neat, but not sure if it had been blacked or not, hehe. :-))

Hu visits the Microsoft Home of the Future (in Chinese)

Hu is hosted at an official dinner at Gates' private residence (in Chinese)

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