Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sydney Temperature Records

Today, it got so cold in Sydney, even down to 8°C in the evening. It is the coldest day, so far, since I arrived in Australia, though such a temperature would be very common, even seen as warm, for winters in north China.

I just wanted to compare the weather records of Sydney and Jinan (my hometown in China) and found the following sites by searching Google. The result shows that the coldest days in a year in Sydney would be in July. A long way to go for the next spring from now... ;-)

Sydney Temperature Records
Calculated from daily temperature data: January 1859 to December 2005.

Weather Records and Averages for Jinan, China

Moreover, it is amazing that I also found a site which allows you to query the every day history of weather in many cities all over the world, including Jinan, China!

Historical Weather: Jinan, China (Since January 1994)
Weather station: 548230 (ZSTN)
Latitude: 36.68
Longitude: 116.98
Altitude: 58 metres

Is there anything else which you cannot find on the Internet? Hehe :-))

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