Thursday, May 25, 2006

The unusual April 2006

ABOMThe NSW Regional Office of Australian Bureau of Meteorologysummed up last April's weather in its Sydney Monthly Climate Summary on 1 May 2006, titled "Dry and sunny with warm days in Sydney during April".

The last April was my first April in Australia. It was so unusual, no wonder I felt it was so hot and sunny, and not exactly as I expected before relocating to here.

Here are the main points of the summary:

* 5th driest April on record with only 9.8mm.
* Daytime maximum temperatures 5th highest on record.
* Many warm days. 7 days above 27°C, highest since 1922 (when 11 days).
* Sunniest April on record averaging 9.2 hours per day.
* Prevailing dry westerly winds caused record low humidity.

As referenced above, it was the sunniest April on record. This point had been also mentioned, as a regular fact, in my post (in Chinese) regarding some differences between Australia and China, in last April. It seems not to be a regular fact, hehe. :-))

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