Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 2nd Google Analytics report

Google AnalyticsThe second weekly Google Analytics report shows that in the last 7 days this blog has been visited by people speaking 12 languages from 27 domains spanning over 41 networks in 46 cities from 31 regions over 22 countries, excluding my traffic.

Overall, since 7 June 2006, in last 14 days, this blog has been visited by the people speaking 18 languages from 73 domains spanning over 102 networks in 121 cities from 77 regions over 32 countries, excluding my traffic. Totally, there were 157 visits and 235 pageviews; averagely, 1/2 visitors viewed two or more pages. Apparently, the most visitors were new guests who accessed here for the first time. The referring sources primarily were (, and

This blog is just a beginner.

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