Friday, June 30, 2006

Huang commentating on Italy vs. Australia

A well-known football commentator in China, Huang Jianxiang (黄健翔), unexpectedly shouted his pro-Italian anti-Australian rant while commentating on the last minutes between the two duelling teams in the live picture broadcasting to an audience of many millions in the country.

"The pro-Italian commentary sparked a barrage of complaints", as well as the "criticisms in the press the following day". The initially unapologetic Huang later apologised on the state-run CCTV for which he works and posted a letter (in Chinese) on its website saying sorry for the injustice and prejudice in his commentary. He did not commentate on the next game.

Huang's outburst caused an uproar and then sparked a huge debate online and offline in China, as well as in Australia. His boss Zhang Bin, the director of CCTV Sports Channel, criticised this incident in four Chinese words: Huang at first lost his voice (失声), then lost his cool (失态) and lost his politeness (失礼), and finally lost his mind (失常).

However, Huang has recently become a subject of gossip in China. His commentary have been widely re-posted at Chinese news sites, blogs, forums and chat rooms, as well as his recording of the commentary. Moreover, a lot of hilariously imitated variants of his recording have also been available on the Chinese websites. Some popular Chinese portal sites, such as NetEase and Sina, have even set up a column to collect and publish those funny audio and video clips in varied Chinese dialects or for alternative matches.

Personally, I really like his passion but not his bias. The following flash movie from NetEase is a funny cartoon showing Huang's passion and excitement using his voice.

The video clip of Huang's original commentary from CCTV Sports Channel is available at YouTube.

Huang commentating in Chinese/English on Italy vs. Australia
(The only full version on the Internet, the Reuters' translation is in italic):

... "点球!点球!点球!格罗索立功了!格罗索立功了!不要给澳大利亚人任何的机会。"

... "Penalty! Penalty! Penalty! Grosso's done it! Grosso's done it! Don't give the Australians any chance."

... "伟大的意大利的左后卫,他继承了意大利的光荣的传统!法切蒂、卡布里尼、马尔蒂尼在这一刻灵魂附体!格罗索一个人,他代表了意大利足球悠久的历史和传统!在这一刻,他不是一个人在战斗!他不是一个人!!"

... "The great Italian left back! He succeeded in the glorious traditions of Italy! Facchetti, Cabrini and Maldini, their souls are infused in him at this moment! Grosso represents the long history and traditions of Italian soccer; he's not fighting alone at this moment! He's not alone!!"

... "托蒂!托蒂面对这个点球。他面对的是全世界意大利球迷的目光和期待。"

... "Totti, Totti is facing the spot kick. He is facing the expectations from Italian soccer fans all over the world."

... "施瓦泽曾经在世界杯预选赛的附加赛当中扑出过两个点球,托蒂肯定深知这一点。他还能够微笑着面对他面前的这个人吗?10秒钟以后,他会是怎样的表情?"

... "Schwarzer has saved two spot kicks in the World Cup qualifying tournaments, both of these were in extra time. Totti should have known this. Will he still be able to face the man in front of him with a smile? How about his expression after 10 seconds?"

... "球进啦!比赛结束了!意大利队获得了胜利!淘汰了澳大利亚队!他们没有再一次倒在希丁克的球队面前。伟大的意大利!伟大的意大利的左后卫!马尔蒂尼今天生日快乐!!意大利万岁!!"

... "Goooooal! Game over! Italy win! Beat the Socceroos! They do not fall in front of Hiddink again! Italy the great! Italian left back the great! Happy birthday to Maldini!! Forza Italia!!"

... "他没有辜负意大利人的期望!这个点球是一个绝对理论上的决杀!绝对的死角!意大利队进入了八强!"

... "He didn't let the Italians down! This penalty kick was an absolute one-off! Absolute one-off! Italy have made the final eight!"

... "胜利属于意大利,属于格罗索,属于卡纳瓦罗,属于赞布罗塔,属于布冯,属于马尔蒂尼,属于所有热爱意大利足球的人!!"

... "The victory belongs to Italy, to Grosso, to Cannavaro, to Zambrotta, to Buffon, to Maldini, to everyone who loves Italian soccer!!"

... "让他们滚蛋吧!" (背景低语)

... "Let them get lost!" (Background voice)

... "澳大利亚队也许会后悔的,希丁克!他在下半场多打一人的情况下他打得太保守、太沉稳了,他失去了自己的勇气。面对意大利足球悠久的历史和传统,他没有再拿出小组赛那样猛扑猛打的作风。他终于自食其果!他们该回家了,他们不用回遥远的澳大利亚,他们大多数都在欧洲生活。再见!"

... "The Socceroos might regret, Hiddink! He played too conservatively and too calmly with one more player (than Italy) in the second half, he lost all his courage. Faced with the long history and traditions of Italian soccer, he didn't attack as fiercely as he did in the group matches. He finally reaped fruits which he had sown! They should go home. They don't need to go as far away as Australia as most of them are living in Europe. Farewell!"

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