Friday, July 07, 2006

Fried Chicken Legs Version 2.0

People today do like using 2.0 to name their products for attracting more attention even no connection between them at all. Now I am very happy to introduce my new product, Fried Chicken Legs Version 2.0!

To find out about the new and exciting features, please click here. To compare the previous version with the new upgrade, please click here. Need help? Click here!

Another creative new product, Spanish Seafood Rice Version 2.0 is also released today! A partner of mine proudly announced the amazing features of this product: NO seafood pot used, NO olive oil added, NO saffron crocus added, and NO Italian rice added. Additionally, NO criticism welcomed. Anyway, the seafood was absolutely added. Why 'Spanish' is titled in the product name is still mysterious to me. :-)))


Margie said...

That food looks yummy!
Making me hungry... time for
breakfast for me.

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