Saturday, July 01, 2006

Google Analytics Report for June 2006

Google AnalyticsA piece of Google Analytics' tracking code was installed on this blog on 7 June 2006. Since then, in last 24 days, without any marketing, this blog has been visited by people speaking 21 languages at least* from 131 domains via 192 networks in 245 cities from 125 regions over 41 countries, excluding my traffic.

Totally, there were 376 visits and 561 pageviews; averagely, 1/2 visitors viewed two or more pages. Specifically, 47% of the total visits were from United States and Canada, 23% from Europe, 14% from Asia, 10% from Australia and New Zealand, 5% from South America, and 1% from Middle East and Africa. Additionally, 76% of the total visits were from other Blog users (readers and writers), 18% from direct access (mainly returning visits) and 6% from Google search.

Most visitors were new guests who accessed here for the first time, returning visitors were 10% of total. The referring sources primarily were (, and

Moreover, although this is a new-started blog and its traffic is currently lower, I still have found a few interesting facts from the data compiled by Google Analytics.

1. The report shows that the most blog users (exactly, the most users of were from the United States, Europe and Asia, especially the States.

2. Except China, there was NO any visit from the socialist states, either the current ones or the former ones, including Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, all the former members of USSR, as well as the former brothers of USSR, such as Bulgaria, Hungry, Mongolia, Poland , Romania and the areas of former Yugoslavia.

3. There was NO referred access from other blog users from China, though I know there are many thousands bloggers out there, because all the blogs hosted by and, including this blog, are currently blocked by the Chinese government.

4. There was NO visit from the whole of Africa, except Egypt and Morocco.

5. There were NO blog users from the large areas in the north of latitude 55° N (except the few from Sweden and Alaska, US). This also includes most of Canada, Russia and the whole of Greenland.

Personally, I do not believe the second "fact" were true. It seems that Google has NOT obtained the latest IP databases which contain the newly assigned IP segments for those former socialist countries.

* The above visits were not included for the unknown items: 106 for Domain, 11 for Network, 22 for City, 41 for Region and 2 for country.

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