Saturday, July 08, 2006

The recent reactions supporting Huang

The Huang Jianxiang's commentary incident seems not to be end till now. As widely distributed as his commentary on the net, the rumours about his career future was also widely spread over the net or by word of mouth in China. This recently sparked more reactions from Huang's supporters in the country.

The people supporting Huang launched several columns and forums online to voice their points of view in public in order to distinctively support Huang to continue his commentating on the subsequent World Cup matches and to prevent CCTV penalizing even dismissing him after the incident. Similarly as the criticism from Huang's boss, lost his voice, lost his cool, lost his politeness and lost his mind (失声失态失礼失常), they enumerated their main reasons in six brief Chinese sentences at a supportive column hosted by NetEase:
  1. Huang was wrong, his passion was not unforgivable (激情解说, 罪不致死)
  2. his apology was not unacceptable (知错就改, 应给机会)
  3. his patriotism was not wrong (拳拳之心, 爱国无罪)
  4. sports is not politics (这是体育, 不是政治)
  5. as a devotee of Italian soccer for years, his enthusiasm was not unreasonable (多年意迷, 可以理解)
  6. at CCTV, Huang is not replaceable (黄在央视, 无可取代)
Anyway, the state-run CCTV has confirmed that Huang will commentate on the final between Italy and France the day after tomorrow. It sounds like really good news for those supporters of Huang, as well as me, though I will not hear his live voice from Australia.

Will Huang shout again for his enthused Italian team? :-))

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