Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group

Last night, I was invited to visit Microsoft Australia and attend a seminar of the Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group.

In the meeting, four senior FoxPro developers introduced and demonstrated their great applications based on Visual FoxPro, a 22-year-old database oriented programming language. One of the introduced products even has 15 years history, evolved from its first version written in Clipper! We discussed several relevant technical issues after the seminar.

I was happy that I could have this chance to meet these FoxPro enthusiasts there, because I was a FoxPro fan too, though I haven't been using it to actually develop something for years.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro is currently the most fast-growing language on the programming market, according to the proven index ranked by TIOBE Software.

It was really a nice meeting. I enjoyed the time with the new friends, as well as the nice pizza provided by Microsoft. :-))

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