Monday, July 10, 2006

Why I do NOT search Baidu, never!

An Anti-Baidu AllianceMany sources have recently reported that Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) has registered to sell the entire stake in its Chinese competitor, Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU), to develop a rival product. I think it seems to be good news.

I personally never search Baidu for any kind of information. The search engines I use are just popular ones: Google, Yahoo! and MSN, intensively for Google. The only difference is that I only access their US English versions, NOT their Chinese versions. I never visit any eunuch version (censored version) of the search engines, such as, and of course!

Briefly, I have 10 reasons NOT to search at all:
  1. It can not search me, for either my nickname or full name in Chinese/English.
  2. It's not for English content, actually not for all kinds of non-Chinese content.
  3. It's full of ads, thanks to its P4P, it's not so much a search engine as an ads portal.
  4. It's strictly filtered; there is only one kind of monotonous voice there, no stereo.
  5. It's not objective, ads and adjustments are mixed in originally incomplete results.
  6. It does evil; its immoral competitions were reported, including blocking Google.
  7. It has no creativity, almost all of its product concepts were copied from the others.
  8. It's not professional, defects and bugs are quite common in all their products.
  9. It has an ugly logo, and a bear footprint makes no sense to attribute its brand name.
  10. It designs ugly pages, though the original designs were obviously from Google.
  1. It's actually not a Chinese company, it is an American firm registered overseas.
  2. All of its chief executives title an awful Western name though they claim that it is a Chinese company, they are Chinese, and they work for the global Chinese. Actually, they just did the opposites!
If it is possible, I'd like to explain the above points one by one. Well, it depends on my time.

Moreover, Wikipedia currently has several articles about Baidu, but all the non-Chinese versions are not comprehensive, which only give the basic information without those objective criticisms mentioned in the Chinese version. This might be an example explaining why most foreigners, especially investors, do not actually know what the real Baidu is.

Basically, I really do NOT like such a company, although it claims as a Chinese company, which I should support or at least I shouldn't be against. Unfortunately, NO! I do NOT, because it seems to be evil!

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