Saturday, September 16, 2006

A 100-word sentence without repetitive words

After betting with a chummy friend, I had to take on an impossible mission, to write a 100-word sentence in English without any repetitive words. I thought it was not possible but finally I think I have finished it! :-)

See how it is:

I just noticed, your following letter seemed to be an only e-mail in my mailbox without advertisements displayed along the right side of web page which was commonly filled with advertising titles plus relevant universal resource locators based on related keywords appearing inside its message body no matter whether readers liked such experience or not because each user belonging Gmail must have read and agreed about those usage terms, conditions then policies, including any future amendments before actually using their seemingly powerful, stable messaging system known for Google’s famous search engine that has been widely used by billion netizens every day.

The relevant criteria: One sentence, 100 non-repetitive words

Nothing is impossible, isn't it? ;-)

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