Monday, September 25, 2006

Vista Build 5728.16387 is now available

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From: Microsoft Connect
Date: 25-Sep-2006 03:50
Subject: Build 5728.16387 is Now Available for Download
To: Bing Bao
Dear Bing,

We are pleased to announce the release of build 5728.16387 of Windows Vista. We have incorporated much of your RC1 feedback into this build and we ask that you install it as soon as possible and provide feedback.

Our early focus on this release will be any critical issues that prevent you from installing or running Vista as your main operating system. We ask that you file these reports as early as possible.

If you have not already done so, please obtain a product key for this build from the Microsoft Connect website. If you already have a product key for build 5342 and up you do NOT need a new one. Please download this release at your earliest opportunity; no media will be sent; this release is available as a download only. The images posted are DVD images and the recommended approach is to download and burn a DVD appropriate for your hardware.

Important notes:

* No CD images will be made available for this build.
* Only Vista is being provided today.
* Upgrades from Vista RC1 are valid.
* Upgrades from Windows XP SP2 are encouraged.

Please beware that there is a known issue with themes after an upgrade that may be visible. It may manifest itself as difficult to read windows or incorrect colors applied to windows. To ensure readability and the proper color scheme after upgrade do the following. Right click on the desktop, personalize, theme and switch to Windows Classic, apply, change back to Windows Vista and OK.

* If you have a Toshiba model M400, M4, or M5 you should choose to do a clean install as upgrades are blocked with an error.

How to get support and provide feedback:

* You can report issues by installing the Microsoft Beta Client via the link labeled "How to share feedback" provided on the Vista desktop.
* Please join your fellow beta testers, the beta team and the Windows product team in the newsgroups to get questions answered and problems solved.

The following images are available with this release:

WDK-Windows AIK
X86/X64 Symbols
Install Survey for v.5600.16384
X86/X64Language Pack - English
X86/X64 Language Pack - German
X86/64 Language Pack - Japanese

Any additions to this will be announced in the .announcements newsgroup.

We look forward to your feedback on this new build!

The Longhorn/Windows Vista Beta Team

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