Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baidu benchmarks better than Google?!

It is reported today that the CTO of Chinese search engine Baidu (百度), Jerry Liu (刘建国), "has resigned for undisclosed personal reasons", "may be considering launching his own business."

As the related Chinese news reports, Liu claims that as from July 2003 Baidu's search ability has been better than Google by surpassing almost all the 30 key benchmarks which they set in 2002. His claim does not appear in above-mentioned news reports in English. I cannot find out the related web pages in English either. Nevertheless, the related information appears in several Chinese web pages.

The CTO also asserts that he can leave because no any other company can challenge Baidu anymore in the next three to five years, of course, including Google.

Is he really OK?! I just reckon he should see his doctor as soon as possible. I seriously speculate this is his real reason to quit. Any man with such a mad mind is not suitable for work, of course, including Baidu's CTO!

BTW, here is a friend's email responding to my email about the news. My previous blog post against Baidu is also available here.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: B
Date: 25-Oct-2006 18:40
Subject: Re: Never heard such a conclusion before
To: W, Y


On 25/10/06, W wrote:
> 你总在鉴定狗屎的臭度(98度或100度?)
> 为此不惜嘴尝手摸脚踹,
> 有意义吗?
> 我则相反,
> 管它百度零度,
> 只要是狗屎必避之唯恐不及。
> 另外,把Google和百度相提并论尢如将漂亮新娘子和得了麻风病的丑女放到同一被窝里,
> 你这个新郎官还有兴致吗?
> On 10/25/06, B wrote:
> > The CTO of Baidu says that their technical ability has been the No.1 and
> > better than Google?!
> >
> > 刘建国透露辞职原因:工作已经没有悬念
> >
> >
> > 当Google上不去的日子 百度CTO刘建国如是说
> >

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