Saturday, March 22, 2008

Arrived at home


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Farewell Riverwood

Before today, in the past three weeks, every time I thought of Riverwood, a kind of awful smell came...

Farewell the odours...

Farewell the horrible carpets, farewell the nasty drain, farewell the damaged blinds...

farewell the endless dispute, farewell R.T. Golby, farewell Shenstone Road...

Farewell Riverwood!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Flash game driving you nuts

Here is a litter, funny flash game that could drive you nuts, Maze Frenzy. See my score below.

Try it here!

Recent 50 keyword groups to find me

The recent 50 keyword groups to find my blog from search engines are below.

Nearly 1/3 searches (highlighted in yellow) are related to Business Analyst, System Analyst, and their comparison. One in five searches (in light blue) are programming related.

This phenomenon has occurred for half a year. It is interesting. It probably indicates that more people are becoming aware of Business-driven development for building an IT system, no longer to focus on the technical stuffs only. I believe this also signals the potential requirements for skilled business analysts in the IT markets worldwide.

This is a right approach.

I reckon the above keywords statistics just show that the transformation is undergoing.

However, as per the stat table shown above, choosing a right programming language is still essential for building an application, that's why people are always looking for the hottest one, or keen to know what other big shots are using.

All the trends seem to have been shown in my recent 50 keyword groups. Right?