Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Passport, Old Version

Just picked up my new Chinese passport at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney.

New passport, new passport number, new photo (ugly, like a prisoner), and a new authority seal (Chinese Consulate General in Sydney).

But, the OLD version! :-(

I was expecting to obtain a new version of Chinese passport with redesigned cover page, printed authority seal, and an embedded photo on the second bar-code page. I was told by a consulate officer that that kind of new version is only available in China, not to be issued by the overseas embassies and consulates. If I would know that earlier, probably I would not be so eager to renew my passport.

Additionally, the new passport has NO domestic identity card number. "N/A" is printed instead. Therefore, I have become a no-ID guy, probably be arrested if I walked at 2am in a dark street in China. :-)

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