Saturday, July 26, 2008

Relocating to Artarmon

Relocation has been a part of my Australian life. This was not what I did ever think about before moving to Australia.

As far back as I could remember, my family moved within my hometown for only four times in the past 30 years. But I have moved five times here within the Great Sydney. Today, Artarmon will be my sixth home.

See where I stayed in the past two years:

1. 2006, Lidcombe (2141)
2. 2006-2007, Chatswood (2067)
3. 2007-2008, Lane Cove (2066)
4. 2008, Riverwood (2210)
5. 2008, Sydney (2000)
6. 2008, Artarmon (2064)

Friday, July 25, 2008

An old man performing at Chinatown

An old gentleman performing
at the intersection of Gouburn St and Sussex St, Chinatown, Sydney
Canon IXUS 50, F/2.8, 1/3 sec, 5.8 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 20:21 24 July 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full Hyper-V released!

I just noticed that Microsoft has finally released Hyper-V, a key feature of Windows Server 2008. As per the official site of Windows Server 2008, it has now released to manufacturing (RTM) and is available for deployment into production environments.

As a Hyper-V user, I have been waiting for the final release for months. Now the existing Hyper-V users may download this update to deploy it on their Hyper-V farm, or simply use Windows Update to upgrade a single W2K8 server. MS KB article Q950050 gives the details.

The official announcements:

1. Microsoft’s Hypervisor Technology Gives Customers Combined Benefits of Windows Server 2008 and Virtualization

2. Virtualization and Consolidation with Hyper-V

Saturday, July 12, 2008

King Street at night

The Grace Hotel
77-79 York St, Sydney, NSW
Canon IXUS 50, F/2.8, 1 sec, 5.8 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, +1/3, 21:23 10 July 2008

The intersection of King St and Pitt St, Sydney, NSW
Canon IXUS 50, F/2.8, 1 sec, 5.8 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, +1, 10:09 10 July 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The iPhone Eve on George

I went to the Apple Store on George Street tonight, on the iPhone eve.

The Apple Store on George Street, Sydney, NSW
Canon IXUS 50, F/3.5, 1/50 sec, 8.46 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 21:10 10 July 2008

The steps inside the Apple Store on George, Sydney, NSW
Canon IXUS 50, F/3.2, 1/8 sec, 7.11 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 20:52 10 July 2008

The iPhone devotees I saw on the TV were still there. :-) They were staying in a line at the door of the Apple store in the Sydney CBD, regardless the crowd passing around them and the cold at night. They are real enthusiasts. :-))

The iPhone fans at the door of Apple Store on George
Canon IXUS 50, F/2.8, 1/5 sec, 5.8 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 21:05 10 July 2008

Canon IXUS 50, F/2.8, 3/5 sec, 5.8 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 21:07 10 July 2008

As per the store staff, the Apple Store would not sell iPhone tomorrow, they would only demonstrate the cool features of the newly revealed flag product. One store representative pointed at the Telstra shop opposite their store and told me that, that shop would be opening to sell iPhone tomorrow morning, not them. He said he had no idea why the fans were waiting there at the door.

There was only one guy staying at the door of that Telstra shop at that moment, the guard. The guard told me that the Telstra shop would start selling the first iPhone handset at 6am tomorrow morning, whereas the Apple Store should open at 8am, two hours after them. He was also really curious why no any of those fans came over there, though the shop already prepared tapes to partition the crowd they expected. But, no one was there!

The Indian guard at the door of Telstra Shop on George opposite the Apple Store
Canon IXUS 50, F/3.5, 1/8 sec, 8.46 mm, ISO 50, Pattern Mode, 21:08 10 July 2008