Friday, August 29, 2008

Ode to the Motherland

Ode To The Motherland (歌唱祖国), one of the most well-known patriotic songs in China, was prominently performed at the Bird's Nest while the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games kicking off on August 8, 2008.

This song was written and music composed in 1951, but today it is still one of my most favorite Chinese songs because of its nice melody, though I started listening it even in my childhood. I love this song, that's why I was extremely moved when I surprisingly heard it from Channel 7's live video of the opening ceremony that night.

Originally, the song was in marching rhythm, but the ceremony's chief music director, CHEN Qigang (陈其钢), recomposed the song into a very lyric style, just for the harmonious atmosphere of the global event. Moreover, there were some political words in the original lyrics, and those words were all removed in this Olympics edition.

It has been revealed that the cute performer girl of the song, LIN Miaoke (林妙可), did not sing a note at the opening ceremony though the billions of people around the world did watch her lovely appearance on the screen. What the world heard was from another lovely girl, YANG Peiyi (杨沛宜), 7 years old, who had the perfect voice for the first song at the ceremony.

It was really a shame that we could not see the lovely Peiyi on the TV as the ceremony organizer did ridiculously think she was not good looking enough than LIN. In fact, CHEN disclosed more about the decision in a radio interview that the pressure was actually from the politburo!

However, you may now listen the song on YouTube with YANG Peiyi's voice.

I have also converted the live recording into MP3 format, so you may just download/listen the MP3 version with lyrics built-in. (Note: The latest video of Yang Peiyi has been added at another post)

The Olympics Version Lyrics (奥运版《歌唱祖国》歌词):




Five-Starred Red Flag is fluttering in the wind,
How bright is our song of victory;
Sing for our dear motherland,
Towards prosperity and strength from now on.

Across the mountains, across the plains,
Over the turbulent Yellow and Yangtze rivers;
This vast and beautiful land,
Is our
delightful home;
We love peace, we love home,
Our unity and fraternity is as strong as steel.

Five-Starred Red Flag is fluttering in the wind,
How bright is our song of victory;
Sing for our dear motherland,
Towards prosperity and strength from now on.
Sing for our dear motherland,
Towards prosperity and strength from now on.

* The above English translation in italic is from Wikipedia English - Ode To The Motherland, retrieved on 31 August 2008 08:32 UTC

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The iPhone Girl

I know that a lot people have already known the lovely iPhone Girl from recent news reports, but most reports were plain and similar. I just let you know that the AFP news mentioned in my email below was the most informative one I ever read.

From: Bing Bao
Sent: Thursday, 28 August 2008 13:54
To: Matt Doyle; Brett Payne; Andrew Solano; Matthew Weeks; Alma San Jose; Christopher Scalley; Maria Carriedo; Ann Ramos; Peter Nemeth; Robert Ilencik; Amanda Boyd
Cc: Jason Tornabene; Joel Cohen; Adam Merretz; Amanda Wang; Jessie Wei; Runi Nielsen-Candido; Jeff Daly
Subject: The iPhone Girl

A cute Chinese girl assembler at iPhone’s China factory became a worldwide well-known in just 6 days after her sweet smile incidentally left in an iPhone sold to the UK… caused a beautiful mistake.

Some iPhone customers even joked on the website that they were considering returning their phones because they did not come loaded with the lovely girl’s photo.

The AFP news: 'Beautiful mistake' makes China factory worker a celebrity

The original post: iPhone 3G - already with pictures! (393 comments in 16 pages, as of today)

The sources: More news from Google

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A message to the hacker


Source: Boxun News - Chinese

This is a screenshot of one news post at a Chinese News Portal based in the US. The highlighted text in red reads as follows in English.


(We are) very busy reporting the Olympic Games, so PLEASE don't give a hard time to Boxun now

The IP address ( is from Hunan, China. That's why the web site posted this reminder news in Chinese. :-)

Google Doodles for Beijing Olympics 2008

Day 1 - 8 Aug 2008, Opening Ceremony

Day 2 - 9 Aug 2008, Cycling - Sheep

Day 3 - 10 Aug 2008, Weightlifting - Rat

Day 4 - 11 Aug 2008, Diving - Boar

Day 5 - 11 Aug 2008, Rhythm - Ox

Day 6 - 12 Aug 2008, Rings - Monkey

Day 7 - 13 Aug 2008, Basketball - Dragon

Day 8 - 14 Aug 2008, Badminton - Tiger

Day 8 - 15 Aug 2008, Soccer - Horse

Source: Google - 2008 Summer Games Doodle, Google China Blog

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brilliant! The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony!

I just love it! The brilliant Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony! Click on the following pictures to see the details.

The fireworks

The show
(See the people walking around freely in different directions on the ball/earth.)

The flying Olympic five-circle

The Water Cube

Photo source: 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on Microsoft

Today is 8 August 2008, the day of opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Let’s talk about Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and … Microsoft, and SharePoint, Office, and Silverlight etc. :-)))

Do you know MOSS 2007 is currently serving at the backend of the Games?

Yes, MOSS 2007 is being used as the search engine for INFO 2008, the internal system providing Olympics partners and media with continually updated information and event results.

Case Study - Beijing Olympics Builds Powerful and Flexible Information Search System (.doc)

Do you know you may download the full event schedule for the Games from Microsoft?

Event schedule for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games (PowerPoint template)

Event schedule for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games (Excel template)

2008 Summer Games (More Office templates)

Do you know you may watch the Games using Microsoft Silverlight?

Silverlight, your new way to watch the Summer Games

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Olympic 2008 official dresses














As per Xinhua News Agency, China has announced to send their biggest-ever Olympic team, a 1099-member delegation (incl. 639 athletes), for the Beijing Olympic Games to be officially opened on 8 August. Just imagine what it will look like when the Chinese delegation enters the Bird's Nest stadium: a crowd of thousand, a crowd in red and yellow, a big dish of tomatoes with eggs. :-))))

The most popular Chinese dish: Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs