Thursday, August 28, 2008

The iPhone Girl

I know that a lot people have already known the lovely iPhone Girl from recent news reports, but most reports were plain and similar. I just let you know that the AFP news mentioned in my email below was the most informative one I ever read.

From: Bing Bao
Sent: Thursday, 28 August 2008 13:54
To: Matt Doyle; Brett Payne; Andrew Solano; Matthew Weeks; Alma San Jose; Christopher Scalley; Maria Carriedo; Ann Ramos; Peter Nemeth; Robert Ilencik; Amanda Boyd
Cc: Jason Tornabene; Joel Cohen; Adam Merretz; Amanda Wang; Jessie Wei; Runi Nielsen-Candido; Jeff Daly
Subject: The iPhone Girl

A cute Chinese girl assembler at iPhone’s China factory became a worldwide well-known in just 6 days after her sweet smile incidentally left in an iPhone sold to the UK… caused a beautiful mistake.

Some iPhone customers even joked on the website that they were considering returning their phones because they did not come loaded with the lovely girl’s photo.

The AFP news: 'Beautiful mistake' makes China factory worker a celebrity

The original post: iPhone 3G - already with pictures! (393 comments in 16 pages, as of today)

The sources: More news from Google

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