Thursday, September 11, 2008

AppleCare package delivered

PosterMy AppleCare Protection Plan delivered this morning. I ordered it online yesterday afternoon, so the delivery was very quick, less than 24 hours, just as Apple claimed.

This protection plan is for iMac/eMac. The same plan costs only US$169 on American market (incl. Canada), but Apple charges you AU$268 (US$215) if you buy it from Australia. Apple makes extra money on the same product from Australian customers

It seems that you could buy the same product online at for US market, but not in reality, as Apple doesn't offer international delivery across different markets. If you buy something at Apple Store (U.S.), you cannot input an overseas address for billing and delivery, only U.S. or Canadian address is allowed. The same thing for Apple Store (Australia).

Apple actually does international delivery for products ordered online, as most manufacturers of Apple products are located in Asia, such as China. For example, my iMac was made in Shanghai, China, and delivered to Sydney, Australia; and my iPod Nano was made in Shenzhen, China, and delivered to Vancouver, Canada.


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