Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apple Mighty Mouse replaced

The Apple Mighty Mouse came with my iMac has been replaced today with a totally new one under the warranty of AppleCare. This is the second time for my iMac, as well as me, to get Apple parts replaced. The first one was the DVD drive.

Commonly, the Apple keyboards and mice sold individually are not covered by AppleCare. However, if the accessories are parts of your Mac purchase, they are covered, even by an extended warranty which is definitely worth buying. As we know, computer accessories are more easily broken because of intensive usage, including mouse, DVD drive, and cables/adapters.

The good thing is, the replaced part is also under the extended warranty.

The bad thing is, the scroll-ball design of Mighty Mouse is a great weakness for intensive usage and easy cleaning. The mouse is not intended to be opened and disassembled as its components are all permanently jointed together and I believed no one could actually make it as it was, including the Apple authorised repairers. You may find some blogs and YouTube videos showing you how to disassemble the mouse but unfortunately no one could actually recover the one-way operation. You have to use plastic glue to fix it.

As I remember, my mighty mouse got no scrolling problem after using it for half a year, and eventually got worst last week, stopped working at all. The one more annoying behaviour was every time I clicked the left button, the gadgets appeared instead of the left-clicking operation, which made the mouse malfunctioned at all.

The new mouse is very good, working perfectly with steady scrolling and fast response. My finger can feel the friction of scrolling, smooth and steady, which lets you know the mouse is under control.

The issue is, I am not sure how long the mouse can actually work...